For Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Suze Casey Best Selling Author, Thought Leader and Developer of Belief Repatterning joins Maura Shaftoe Behavioural Cash Flow Specialist and Founder of Do Money Like it Makes Sense

Interactive Live Workshop

Designed for Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurial Minded Individuals looking to accelerate growth and develop the Wealth Mindset to get to the next level.

You will learn:

  • The 4 pillars of finance and how to apply them strategically in your business

  • The unique opportunities and challenges facing business owners and entrepreneurs 

  • How to live a values based life in your business and home

  • How to build resilience in your business

  • How your biases, behaviours and beliefs guide your decisions around Money and how to develop and strengthen your Wealth Mindset

  • The practical strategies to manage your business cash flow and hit your short and long term goals

  • The steps to start taking you business to the next level

Use Suze’s patented 7 step process to shift your beliefs and get the breakthroughs you’ve been working for

This workshop is for you if: 

You've been scrambling to keep up on business, and know it's time to refocus on growth and profit

You know a reset for your business is needed but don't know where to start

You want to move from surviving to thriving in all parts of your business and know that a change in your mindset will help

Shift your mindset and behaviours around money

Join Suze and Maura for a 1 day interactive learning experience and shift your mindset around money

Transform obstacles and stresses into opportunities for growth

Learn the importance of separating you from your business - while maintaining different goals and objectives for each

Learn pro-active cash flow strategies

Date to be scheduled

Tired of going to Financial Seminars that only sell their products? 

This Learning Experience is about Education and Awareness - giving YOU the tools to make the changes you want

Build a WEALTH Mindset

Beliefs + Behaviours = Success

Shift your mindset around your personal finances! 

Join Suze and Maura for Do Money Like It Makes Sense at Home (special rate for both courses)

Bring your partner - special rates for family! 

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